About Us

With premium and custom websites, Open World Websites provides everything you need to run your company! We provide all back-end and front-end resources and services. You need zero knowledge of any additional software. We do everything for you, from search engine optimization, to a couple fixes in a web-page. You let us know what needs changed, and we will hop on it ASAP!

    Starting as a contractor, Open World Websites started off by creating flyers and digital designs for multiple companies. We began with advertising and box designs for Birds Eye Global Tracking, LLC. This then expanded into rack cards, flyers, and eventually a website for newly founded Fishing Florida Flats of Hudson, Florida. From here, we were contained in the fishing world of Florida’s west coast. Then came the website creation of multiple local fishing captains. This includes Adventure Coast Charters, Nature Coast Inshore Charters, and Top Hat Dolphin Tours. Then came Open World Websites, who strives to provide others with the best custom websites to suit their needs and to raise their company or small business to the top!

 The future of Open World Websites is unknown other than keeping the websites of our clients the best they can be. Other services such as: server hosting, guides and tutorials, and blogs will be introduced sooner than later.

 Thank you for reading about Open World Websites!

About The Designer

The owner and main designer / website creator for Open World Websites is Christian Bitzas. Christian is a college freshman at the University of Wyoming  who is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.